Seafood Delicacy Production

Daiichi exports and sells baked scallops and other seafood delicacies.

Baked Scallop Production

Clean Room (plant entrance)

① Clean Room (plant entrance)

Under meticulous hygiene and quality controls, Daiichi delivers to all our customers assured quality and taste that is "made in Japan."

Flavoring Drum

② Flavoring Drum

Raw materials and seasoning are put into the drums which are rotated over two nights, soaking in the flavor slowly and fully.

Drying/Resting for moisture balancing

③ Drying/Resting for moisture balancing

Under two-stage temperature setting, products are slowly dried and rested for nearly 20 hours.


④ Baking

Using a continuous gas furnace, products are baked to add more aroma and depth in taste.

⑤ Packing/Check/Bag Filling

Packing/Check/Bag Fillin

Each piece is pillow-packaged. A triple check is carried out on product color, baking condition and shape – before and after pillow-packing and before bag filling. Only the products that pass the three checks are bagged and shipped out.

Smoked Squid

Smoking apparatus

Daiichi's smoked products are not produced by adding smoky flavor using additives. Smoking apparatus is used to smoke them properly, creating delicacies with the full flavor of genuinely smoked seafood.

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