Dried Seafood: Export & Sales

Daiichi exports and markets dried scallop and other dried seafood.

Dried Seafood

Daiichi exports and sells dried seafood products to the overseas Chinese market across the globe. In addition to our main export of dried Hokkaido scallop, we ship dried sea cucumber, dried abalone, and dried oyster as well as kombu kelp and other items.

Dried Scallops: Export and Sales

Dried Scallops

Adductor muscles from scallops freshly harvested in Hokkaido, Japan, are processed immediately in local factories, and shipped by Daiichi, sealed and direct to businesses all over the globe. The products are of the highest quality, approved after quality control and grading certified by the Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations.

*Please note: We do not export dried scallops to Hong Kong.

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Frozen Scallop Meat : Export and Sales

Frozen Scallop Meat : Export and Sales

Daiichi exports and sells frozen scallop meat, processed from the absolute freshest scallop in Hokkaido, only one time-frozen, raw consumption SASHIMI GRADE.

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Dried Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber

Top Grade Dried Sea Cucumber from Hokkaido

Dried Sea Cucumber

Sea cucumbers from Hokkaido have more and larger spikes than sea cucumbers harvested from other parts of Japan. These are arranged neatly in six rows as seen from end view.

Dried Abalone


Top Grade dried wild Ezo abalone from Iwate Prefecture

Dried Abalone

Dried Kippin abalone – fully dried to produce a dense texture with high-quality translucent luster

Dried Oyster

Dried Oyster

Dried oyster from Hiroshima Prefecture

Dried Oyster

Frozen product

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