Processed Seafood and Processing Plants in China

Daiichi imports and sells processed seafood including mackerel and caplin (shishamo).

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Partner Plant in China

Plant in China
Japanese staff manage the plant

Daiichi has several partner processing plants in China. This is the main factory where Daiichi products are processed.

The plant is located in the city of Weihai in Shandong Province of China. Surrounded by sea on three sides, Weihai has long been a flourishing seafood processing area.

The plant is relatively new, having been set up as a joint venture between China and Japan in 2010.

The plant occupies premises of some 24,000 m2 and has 110 employees. It mainly produces frozen seafood such as mackerel and caplin (shishamo) for export to Japan. It is a HACCP certified plant managed by Japanese staff.

Mackerel Fillet Production

① Defrosting

Defrosting mackerel: In order to maintain freshness, the fish is partially defrosted to the optimal level for processing.

② Preparation


Removal of head/tail and gutting: Mackerel is processed in quick succession while half-frozen.

③ Filleting

Filleting mackerel: The fish is filleted swiftly.

④ Freezing


Freezing mackerel fillets: The filleted mackerel is placed on a freezer conveyor and put through a -45°C tunnel freezer.

⑤ Finishing

Freezing completed: 45 minutes after going into the freezer, even the highly oily north European mackerel comes out rigidly frozen.

⑥ Sorting


Final sorting of frozen mackerel: The frozen mackerel fillets are sorted by size and packed into cartons.

Processed Caplin Production

① Sorting


Sorting caplin: After defrosting, the fish is sorted into male and female.

② Brining


Brining caplin: The fish is soaked in cooled brine and salted.

③ Skewering


Skewering caplin: Skewers are inserted from the gills and out through the mouth; several caplin are put onto one skewer.

④ Drying


Drying caplin: The fish is dried on the skewers for a regulated time and at temperatures between 20°C and 23°C all year round.

⑤ Freezing


Freezing caplin: Still on the skewers, the fish is frozen using an air blast freezer.

⑥ Packing


Packing caplin: Caplin is a small fish and as product temperature is prone to rise easily, it is packed swiftly into boxes in a special chilled room with temperature control set at below 4°C.

Product Development

Product development

Daiichi visits the factories in China and conducts product development with our partners.

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